5 Of the Best Places to Visit in Bali with Your Loved Ones

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Where is the best place to visit in Bali? Maybe most tourists only know tourist attractions that are often visited. If you want to visit Bali for the second time, you can choose an unusual tourist attraction. Many places can provide sweet memories such as exploring local culture, scuba diving or climbing volcanoes. You can enjoy this row of natural paradise with family, friends or partners. We will list five of the best places in Bali as your valuable holiday reference.

Sanur Beach Is the Best Hibernation Place

Did you know that Sanur Beach has the nickname “Snoring Beach”? This beach is the main destination for tourists who want to relax because you are free to breathe sea vitamins at Sanur Beach. But if you want a more enjoyable holiday, try visiting a historic site to complement your day in Bali.

Dive into the Most Beautiful Underwater Paradise on Nusa Lembongan

Nusa Lembongan is increasingly popular with tourists as a treasure island. There are many amazing beaches on this small island, one of which is Mushroom Beach. This beach has turquoise water and a soft stretch of sand that makes it comfortable to walk around. But the most exciting activity is snorkeling, diving into the abundant marine life.

Get To Know Friendly Mammals in Lovina

Lovina Beach is known as the largest resort area on the north coast of Bali. This beach has 5 miles of black volcanic sand and is a popular place for snorkeling. The waters tend to be quieter than in the south, classified as safe for snorkeling or diving. If you go to Lovina don’t miss a fun activity around the beach with a traditional boat. Escorted by a local captain you can swim in the middle of the ocean with dolphins or just take photos of these friendly marine mammals.

Admire Bali’s Ancestral Heritage at Uluwatu Temple

Who doesn’t know Uluwatu Temple? This temple was founded in the 11th century and is located on the edge of limestone that juts over the sea. You can enjoy exploring every corner of the temple, meet funny monkeys or watch traditional Balinese dance performances in the afternoon. If you are interested in experiencing the excitement of a holiday in Bali, you can book a holiday ticket in Wandernesia.

Thankful For Bali’s Natural Wealth at Mount Batur

Holidays to Bali are not complete without climbing Mount Batur. Although not the highest mountain, this mountain is the most beautiful landscape in Bali. Mount Batur has many features such as the charm of craters, lakes and beautiful villages to the best spot to watch the sunrise.